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December 2014 will be remembered as the culmination of a hectic year for many – officially published numbers indicate upwards of 15% increase in Pool and Spa installation applications (VBA statistics) for the calendar year, and that certainly has been apparent in our office. Numerically, you can be assured that your chosen Engineering Consulting service provider – Wirrawonga Consulting – has certified in excess of 80% of those Melbourne pool installations. It makes me remember a Commonwealth Bank slogan from the 1970’s when I used to get their show bag from the Royal Melbourne Show; Get With The Strength!

This is always a significant marketing tool for your business; that your pool design is a certified Wirrawonga Consulting design – the best in the industry. It is worthwhile raising this with your client, and noting that 80% of SPASA Pool Of The Year awards over the last 8 years have been the result of a Wirrawonga Consulting design and certification. So when quoting, discuss your engineering choices, and that you have the best engineering competence and long term back up in the industry. That is worth something significant to you and your potential client in the long run.

With greater numbers comes greater complexity it seems – I mentioned this 18 months ago also, we are continuing to see newer products such as swimjets, sunken automatic pool covers, and glass/acrylic pool wall or spa features. Interestingly, at the top end of the market it now seems vogue to have not one but two (or three) pools on your property….

Indoor Swimming Pool

Image by Sothebys Realty