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It’s again been a remarkably busy year this year, which included a single month where we booked in 220 pool certifications! That is a 10-year record! We continually attract and keep new companies as part of their business chain of suppliers, and are pleased to have undertaken some landmark projects this year. Our knowledge on suspended pools on slabs has been increased with a significant new relationship with Embleton isolation springs and supports, and we build on our knowledge base in E (extremely Reactive) Class sites as with H2 and P class.

With VBA changes to how contracts are drawn up, we now offer a pre-purchase assessment for all clients should they wish to take up this new service. We expect that this will be in the $100.00 to $150.00 + GST range, which is intended to be part of your client-payed pre-contract agreement.

Personally, I am pleased to be back at work, although part time, I have missed my day to day contact with many of you, and look forward to being much more available into the New Year. Thanks again for your friendship and support. Barb and Jill and the whole team here have taken on a greater load during the middle months of 2016, and I know that many of you have had the
pleasure of getting to know other members of the staff better. Nate Berends has concluded his degree, and is now working full time with Glazing, Hydraulics and Pool engineering. A valuable new asset to Wirrawonga Consulting!

Concluding, after an extraordinary August & September, we appreciate your patience and loyalty, and assure you that with the two new engineers on board, this longer turnaround time was a one-off occurrence, and will not happen again. Back On Track!!