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Victoria’s Leading Pool Engineers

You’re in business for the long term, and you understand the importance of having a trusted partner who delivers consistent results with competitive pricing and great customer service. Most of our clients have been with us for years, because we value these relationships and are focussed on mutually beneficial, sustainable, long-term success.

We’ve been engineering the vast majority of Victorian domestic swimming pools for over two decades

Our experience engineering for virtually every situation conceivable makes us your perfect engineering partner.

Servicing Clients Australia-wide

Utilising the latest technology, Wirrawonga Consulting are able to offer the same high standards of engineering and customer care to clients not only throughout Victoria but indeed Australia-wide.

The Unusual Situation Experts

We have extensive experience in engineering specialised and unusual requests. Our experience in engineering of structural glass and acrylic for swimming pools is second to none, and we also provide general civil and structural engineering.

Cutting Edge & Innovative

We see things others may not see. We hear things they may not hear. We solve problems others may not be able to solve. That’s the advantage of experience and specialisation.

Knowledge. Experience. Excellence.


“I value the proactive input of Wirrawonga Consulting to ensure we not only meet our compliance responsibilities but also exceed the expectations of our customers.”

“Wirrawonga's advice can always be relied upon - pragmatic, honest, and solution-oriented.”



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