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Just an updated reminder of our new double sized premises at the corner of Joseph St and Chapman St Blackburn North, (officially 51 Chapman St, which is the POSTAL address). After a 4 month “discussion” with the local council both ourselves and our immediate neighbours are able to put up our signage. Note that the entrance off Chapman St is a dual entrance, and we are to the left when you walk in.

2016 has had a remarkable start, with Pool certifications up by around 20%. This was unexpected on a couple of fronts, firstly after a strong 2014 and 2015, we expected a slight easing in the marketplace, at the very least a levelling off, but demand for pools is stronger than ever before. As an indication, Wirrawonga Consulting did certifications for two hundred pools in the month of May alone. Each of the previous months of January through to April were also above expectations.

The other factor was the forthcoming election – historically people stop spending prior to an election. That certainly hasn’t happened here.

We truly appreciate your patience over these last couple of months – your expectations regarding turnaround time may have been unfulfilled. The extra jobs, and the Long Service Leave taken by our Senior Engineer Joe Kutka has slowed things down a bit. Thankfully Joe is back in July!

New Structural Engineeers!

2016 has seen the addition of 2 new members of our engineering staff: Nate Berends and Trina Bergmann. Nate is working park time in the hydraulics department. Working with Koula, Nate has been a great contributor in this area as he completes his Civil Engineering degree. Trina has been a structural engineer for most of her career, and we welcome Trina also into her role as Structural Engineer working in the pool computation and analysis department. Trina is a competent engineer and wonderful addition to our engineering expertise. Welcome Trina!

Wirrawonga Glazing Division

Glass cantilevered stairsWirrawonga Consulting continues to be the market leader in Glass and Glazing certification. With Stephanie Yu and Ali Fotovat working on a remarkable variety of glazing projects, from handrail-free balustrading, to pool windows both glass and acrylic Australia wide, to glass cantilevered stairs, to glass bridge/walkways, to commercial building skylights that are trafficable, to glass floors, to glass feature art in pavements, to commercial size fish tanks, the list and variety of projects we see coming through from Australia’s leading architects is remarkable. We are delighted to be involved in some of these “Cutting Edge” projects, and as with last year’s award winning Adelaide Bridge, major projects in each state of Australia have been built with Wirrawonga Consulting Certifications.