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With our swimming pool engineering capabilities and the requirement for design and innovation in the industry, Wirrawonga Consulting have developed significant expertise in the use of Glass and Acrylic in submersible applications. As a result, this has led to many hours of research and discovery into both conventional glass as well as new structural glass products.

Ongoing research and discovery, particularly into structural glass products, has steered us toward understanding other uses for structural glazing, therefore we can provide engineering advice on other glazing applications including:

Frameless Balustrade Design

Contemporary architecture uses structural glass in fresh and exiting ways to create stylish yet functional glass balustrades. With our unique depth of experience in engineering structural glass, we can help you stretch the envelope on what you can technically achieve with glass.

Residential & Commercial Floor Panels

Introduce light and inspiration into a home or commercial building with the use of structural glass floor panels.

Frameless Staircase Panels

Don’t be constrained by conventional thinking. Our vast experience in engineering structural glass has helped us develop unique capabilities in engineering even the most unusual structures out of glass.

Pool Windows/Panels

There is little more breathtaking than a swimming pool with glass walls or windows. We have engineered numerous unique and exciting swimming pools for our clients using structural glass to awe and amaze.

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