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Outdoor Engineering (Civil)
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What We Do

Concrete Slabs

Whether suspended or on-ground, we provide an engineering design service for all your concrete slab requirements.

Retaining Walls

We undertake the engineering of sprayed concrete, block work, or timber retaining walls.

Swimming Pools & Pool Enclosures

Wirrawonga Consulting have engineered the lions’ share of Victorian domestic swimming pools constructed over the past two decades, and provide engineering consulting services for any structural or civil requests that your outdoor engineering project requires.

Other Outdoor Engineering

We are experienced in civil and structural engineering services for a variety of outdoor works including:

  • in-ground concrete water tanks
  • site protection works
  • residential structural engineering in timber, steel, and/or concrete
  • outdoor structures and hard landscaping works


Knowledge. Experience. Excellence.


I just love dealing with Stuart and the Wirrawonga Consulting team.

Wirrawonga Consulting help me come up with solutions to challenging situations.

More than just an engineering service, Wirrawonga is a dependable resource for our business.



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