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The continuation and strength of Wirrawonga Consulting

Thanks again for taking the time to read our bulletin, it always contains information important to your business.

Firstly, as I notified all our valued clients in a special bulletin 2 months ago, the business of Wirrawonga Consulting had been approached by another organisation with “offshore facilities”, which could have resulted in some hard-working Australian taxpayers losing their jobs over time, and the personal service you presently receive from us gradually would have been eroded.

I am glad to say that not only are we staying as we are, we have put on 2 new staff this year to cope with increased demand, and are currently working on web-based efficiencies, and log-on capacities where you can access all your current and previous certifications should you, your client, or your building surveyor require it. We are in the initial stages, but the first design drafts look positive and user friendly.

We reward loyalty. And we thank you for your patience during some trying times in the last 18 months. We have sent out preliminary pool plans to clients who wish to have their client sign off on what they are purchasing, they make changes, relocate, move steps, etc.  Sometimes there is up to 3 hours drafting with these changes coming through to us from you, as the client has changed their mind, or we have an easement issue, or other minor changes. To our loyal client base, we often do these changes for no additional charge. We absorb it.

It’s the handshake of business partnership that Joe, Narelle, Jill, Barb, (to name just a few) and all the others, have with you. You rely on us, as we rely on you. That’s the team mentality we have in our office, and our team extends to your team.

As regulation gets harder and more difficult to manage, be aware that we can assist you in many of the areas you may struggle with.

Beyond pools, we offer other outdoor engineering certification work such as:

  • Decking
  • Pergolas
  • Retaining walls
  • Paving slabs
  • Root barriers
  • Protection works
  • Water tanks

We are a full-service Engineering Consultancy, and can fulfil all your Compliance requirements.

We have our Christmas closure from Friday 22nd December, until Monday 8th January 2018. We hope you have a well earned break, and come back refreshed next year.