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51 Chapman St Blackburn!
(corner of Joseph Street)

After close to ten years at 36 Raymond Street, as Wirrawonga was built from a 1 man, then 2 man, then 5 man, now 15 staff at Wirrawonga Consulting Pty. Ltd; it was time to move into larger premises. A 300 square metre office became available adjacent to Fratelli Engineering (heavy), we took the opportunity and undertook the move.

With a more efficient logistics layout and improved communications networks, we expect that we will be able to deliver a better all-round service to our widening client base. We particularly like to thank those who were patient during this time.

2015 has been a good year for all. Numbers of pool certifications is up around 10 % statewide, and as bank interest rates stay low and home equities remain high, there is plenty of incentive for people to spend on their primary residence to maximize their tax effectiveness. During this year we have seen the rise of 2 new pool features – the swimjet, and the sunken automated pool cover. We have engineered more swimjets this year than the last 5 years combined, and similar numbers for sunken (pool cover pits in the pool floor) pool covers. The sunken pool cover is a great spacesaver, and appears to be a good product – the challenge for us as the engineer is to create a 3 metre sprayed retaining wall with the base of the cover pit designed as the main foundation for that wall – this has its challenges particularly in H2 Highly reactive areas in Melbourne.

With our move, we DELETED OUR FAX.

You now cannot fax information to us.

We look forward to catching up with you if you can find the time for a coffee sometime at our new place.