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SPASA Associate MemberWirrawonga Consulting were represented at the huge SPASA NSW pool and trade expo in August this year by Stuart Rooke and Al Turley. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet existing clients, and develop new relationships with pool builders across the border from us.

One of the most important lessons we learned from our trip to Sydney was the significant need for Pool Window Engineering, a specialized area of structural engineering to which Wirrawonga Consulting has dedicated significant developmental energies in the last 3 to 4 years. We have now become the industry leader in this field. Glass or Acrylic windows need structural analysis and engineering certification, and that is a specialized service we provide. Regardless of who has done the structural engineering for a pool, we can integrate our glazing details into every application be it pool windows, balustrading, architectural glass such as glass floors, traffi cable skylights, and all other structural glass applications.

Mark_107x107We also thank and acknowledge Mark Collins from Australian Glass Group Bevelite in Sydney who was able to provide SKYGLASS Structural glass products on display and advice to potential clients.