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As we have done in the past, one of the ways that the directors of Wirrawonga Consulting try to make the world a bit of a better place is by donating to a range of charities throughout the year.

And around Christmas time also, instead of giving alcohol or hampers to our valued clients on your behalf we have donated to wonderful causes such as: Sport and Life Training, Opportunity International, The Smith Family, Salvation Army, Care AustraliaCompassion Australia, World VisionWesley Mission, Foothills Community Care, Amnesty InternationalMovember, World’s Greatest ShaveEntrust Foundation, Sports Chaplaincy, Operation Cleft, Kids Hope Australia, Crossway lifecare, Destiny Rescue, Red Shield, Mercy Ships Australia, and other single contributions in our local community.

We strongly urge you to get on the websites of some of these organisations and see some of the good being done out there, and how you are sharing in that! We hope this is an outcome you agree with.

Thank you for your continued business partnership with Wirrawonga Consulting, we hope you have a successful 2016!