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Wirrawonga Christmas Donations! $60,000.00 to charities, community assistance and overseas health aid!

As we have done in the past, one of the ways that the directors of Wirrawonga Consulting try to make the world a bit of a better place is by donating to a range of charities throughout the year. And around Christmas time also, instead of giving alcohol or hampers to our valued clients on your behalf we have donated to wonderful causes such as: Sport and Life Training, Opportunity International, The Smith Family, Salvation Army, Care Australia, Compassion Australia, World Vision, Wesley Mission, Foothills Community Care, Amnesty International, Movember, World’s Greatest Shave, Entrust Foundation, Sports Chaplaincy, Operation Cleft, Kids Hope Australia, Crossway Lifecare, Destiny Rescue, Red Shield, Mercy Ships Australia, and other single contributions in our local community.

Thank You for your continued business partnership with Wirrawonga Consulting, we hope you have a successful 2017!

It’s again been a remarkably busy year this year, which included a single month where we booked in 220 pool certifications! That is a 10-year record! We continually attract and keep new companies as part of their business chain of suppliers, and are pleased to have undertaken some landmark projects this year. Our knowledge on suspended pools on slabs has been increased with a significant new relationship with Embleton isolation springs and supports, and we build on our knowledge base in E (extremely Reactive) Class sites as with H2 and P class.

With VBA changes to how contracts are drawn up, we now offer a pre-purchase assessment for all clients should they wish to take up this new service. We expect that this will be in the $100.00 to $150.00 + GST range, which is intended to be part of your client-payed pre-contract agreement.

Personally, I am pleased to be back at work, although part time, I have missed my day to day contact with many of you, and look forward to being much more available into the New Year. Thanks again for your friendship and support. Barb and Jill and the whole team here have taken on a greater load during the middle months of 2016, and I know that many of you have had the
pleasure of getting to know other members of the staff better. Nate Berends has concluded his degree, and is now working full time with Glazing, Hydraulics and Pool engineering. A valuable new asset to Wirrawonga Consulting!

Concluding, after an extraordinary August & September, we appreciate your patience and loyalty, and assure you that with the two new engineers on board, this longer turnaround time was a one-off occurrence, and will not happen again. Back On Track!!

Just an updated reminder of our new double sized premises at the corner of Joseph St and Chapman St Blackburn North, (officially 51 Chapman St, which is the POSTAL address). After a 4 month “discussion” with the local council both ourselves and our immediate neighbours are able to put up our signage. Note that the entrance off Chapman St is a dual entrance, and we are to the left when you walk in.

2016 has had a remarkable start, with Pool certifications up by around 20%. This was unexpected on a couple of fronts, firstly after a strong 2014 and 2015, we expected a slight easing in the marketplace, at the very least a levelling off, but demand for pools is stronger than ever before. As an indication, Wirrawonga Consulting did certifications for two hundred pools in the month of May alone. Each of the previous months of January through to April were also above expectations.

The other factor was the forthcoming election – historically people stop spending prior to an election. That certainly hasn’t happened here.

We truly appreciate your patience over these last couple of months – your expectations regarding turnaround time may have been unfulfilled. The extra jobs, and the Long Service Leave taken by our Senior Engineer Joe Kutka has slowed things down a bit. Thankfully Joe is back in July!

New Structural Engineeers!

2016 has seen the addition of 2 new members of our engineering staff: Nate Berends and Trina Bergmann. Nate is working park time in the hydraulics department. Working with Koula, Nate has been a great contributor in this area as he completes his Civil Engineering degree. Trina has been a structural engineer for most of her career, and we welcome Trina also into her role as Structural Engineer working in the pool computation and analysis department. Trina is a competent engineer and wonderful addition to our engineering expertise. Welcome Trina!

Wirrawonga Glazing Division

Glass cantilevered stairsWirrawonga Consulting continues to be the market leader in Glass and Glazing certification. With Stephanie Yu and Ali Fotovat working on a remarkable variety of glazing projects, from handrail-free balustrading, to pool windows both glass and acrylic Australia wide, to glass cantilevered stairs, to glass bridge/walkways, to commercial building skylights that are trafficable, to glass floors, to glass feature art in pavements, to commercial size fish tanks, the list and variety of projects we see coming through from Australia’s leading architects is remarkable. We are delighted to be involved in some of these “Cutting Edge” projects, and as with last year’s award winning Adelaide Bridge, major projects in each state of Australia have been built with Wirrawonga Consulting Certifications.

Last year’s (Summer 2015) newsletter:

“Additionally, in our 2014 Summer Newsletter, we boasted “No price rises for 2014”. We have stood by that promise; there has not been a change in pricing policy for the year. This has allowed you the confidence to quote without surprises.”

For 2016 we expect the same pricing as 2015 and 2014, so no increases again!

Your basic concrete pool, FRP pool, hydraulics certification or glazing certification will remain the same. There will need to be a higher hourly rate applied to more complex jobs though due to higher interaction and unique planning required. As one example, if you expected $1500.00 on a medium complexity engineering project, you may now expect $2000.00 instead.

As we have done in the past, one of the ways that the directors of Wirrawonga Consulting try to make the world a bit of a better place is by donating to a range of charities throughout the year.

And around Christmas time also, instead of giving alcohol or hampers to our valued clients on your behalf we have donated to wonderful causes such as: Sport and Life Training, Opportunity International, The Smith Family, Salvation Army, Care AustraliaCompassion Australia, World VisionWesley Mission, Foothills Community Care, Amnesty InternationalMovember, World’s Greatest ShaveEntrust Foundation, Sports Chaplaincy, Operation Cleft, Kids Hope Australia, Crossway lifecare, Destiny Rescue, Red Shield, Mercy Ships Australia, and other single contributions in our local community.

We strongly urge you to get on the websites of some of these organisations and see some of the good being done out there, and how you are sharing in that! We hope this is an outcome you agree with.

Thank you for your continued business partnership with Wirrawonga Consulting, we hope you have a successful 2016!

2015 is the year that Wirrawonga Consulting cemented its position as Australia’s premier glazing engineering specialists. With Joe Kutka, Stephanie Yu, Ali Fotovat, Stuart Rooke and the competent infrastructure team, we provide dozens of structural glass designs and certifications each month to clients in each state of Australia.

This year our Managing Director Stuart Rooke was not only invited to speak at the Annual AGGA (Australian Glass and Glazing Association – the peak national body for the industry) Conference, but was also invited to be one of the 2 National judges for the prestigious National Awards.

This recognition of Wirrawonga Consulting as the most respected Engineering Consultancy Services Company by the AGGA indicates the leadership we have in the areas of structural analysis, deflection assessment and certification for a range of glazing outcomes.

Click here if you are interested in the speech content delivered at the AGGA conference:


There were 4 National awards, Domestic over and under $20k, and Commercial over and under $50k. Historically the Commercial Over $50000 Award is the most prestigious, and this year the very worthy winner was the “Riverbank Precinct Pedestrian Bridge”. This is the magnificent new bridge between Adelaide City and the Adelaide Oval, over the river.

51 Chapman St Blackburn!
(corner of Joseph Street)

After close to ten years at 36 Raymond Street, as Wirrawonga was built from a 1 man, then 2 man, then 5 man, now 15 staff at Wirrawonga Consulting Pty. Ltd; it was time to move into larger premises. A 300 square metre office became available adjacent to Fratelli Engineering (heavy), we took the opportunity and undertook the move.

With a more efficient logistics layout and improved communications networks, we expect that we will be able to deliver a better all-round service to our widening client base. We particularly like to thank those who were patient during this time.

2015 has been a good year for all. Numbers of pool certifications is up around 10 % statewide, and as bank interest rates stay low and home equities remain high, there is plenty of incentive for people to spend on their primary residence to maximize their tax effectiveness. During this year we have seen the rise of 2 new pool features – the swimjet, and the sunken automated pool cover. We have engineered more swimjets this year than the last 5 years combined, and similar numbers for sunken (pool cover pits in the pool floor) pool covers. The sunken pool cover is a great spacesaver, and appears to be a good product – the challenge for us as the engineer is to create a 3 metre sprayed retaining wall with the base of the cover pit designed as the main foundation for that wall – this has its challenges particularly in H2 Highly reactive areas in Melbourne.

With our move, we DELETED OUR FAX.

You now cannot fax information to us.

We look forward to catching up with you if you can find the time for a coffee sometime at our new place.

In January 2015 we welcomed Ali Fotovat as a new structural engineer. Ali has spent most of his time undertaking glass and glazing engineering and certification in the structural glazing division here at Wirrawonga Consulting. Ali’s depth of knowledge, leadership and drive have been welcomed, and he very quickly became a reliable and important cog in the Wirrawonga establishment.

Registered Building Practitioner logoWirrawonga logistics have refined during the year, as we continue to fine tune our engineering documentation. The paperwork we deliver gets more user friendly with a higher degree of specifics and accuracy. We have removed the darkened blocks of information, and we are refining the H Class information.

Additionally, in our 2014 Summer Newsletter, we boasted “No price rises for 2014”. We have stood by that promise; there has not been a change in pricing policy for the year. This has allowed you the confidence to quote without surprises. For 2015 we overall expect the same pricing outcome, your basic Concrete or FRP pool certification will remain the same. There will need to be a slightly higher hourly rate applied to more complex jobs though due to higher cost and demand. As one example, if you expected $1500.00 on a medium complexity engineering project, you may now expect $1700.00 instead. The fee for AS1926.3 Hydraulics certifications remains the same as 2014.

December 2014 will be remembered as the culmination of a hectic year for many – officially published numbers indicate upwards of 15% increase in Pool and Spa installation applications (VBA statistics) for the calendar year, and that certainly has been apparent in our office. Numerically, you can be assured that your chosen Engineering Consulting service provider – Wirrawonga Consulting – has certified in excess of 80% of those Melbourne pool installations. It makes me remember a Commonwealth Bank slogan from the 1970’s when I used to get their show bag from the Royal Melbourne Show; Get With The Strength!

This is always a significant marketing tool for your business; that your pool design is a certified Wirrawonga Consulting design – the best in the industry. It is worthwhile raising this with your client, and noting that 80% of SPASA Pool Of The Year awards over the last 8 years have been the result of a Wirrawonga Consulting design and certification. So when quoting, discuss your engineering choices, and that you have the best engineering competence and long term back up in the industry. That is worth something significant to you and your potential client in the long run.

With greater numbers comes greater complexity it seems – I mentioned this 18 months ago also, we are continuing to see newer products such as swimjets, sunken automatic pool covers, and glass/acrylic pool wall or spa features. Interestingly, at the top end of the market it now seems vogue to have not one but two (or three) pools on your property….

Indoor Swimming Pool

Image by Sothebys Realty