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Can you give me a quote on how much engineering will cost?

Yes. We can provide you with an estimate of cost for your engineering project. Estimates on any engineering service can be provided once all the details have been established. Any estimate we give to you for our engineering services will be based on the information provided to us at the time and any additional information, changes or amendment to the design may result in additional costs. Please refer to our How to Enquire service for more information.

Do you provide Engineering Inspection services?

General building inspections are usually carried out by a qualified Building Surveyor, or Building Inspector. However, we can also provide our Engineering Inspection services if you feel you require it. As part of the inspection service a qualified engineer will travel to your construction site and inspect the building work carried out. General approval may be given on the spot, or a detailed report and further amendments may be required to rectify a situation. Contact us to arrange an appointment.

Do I get a Certificate of Compliance with my Engineering job?

A Certificate of Compliance (CoC), Engineer’s Inspection Certificate or similar is provided with  each project. As each project is site specific, each project will be individually engineered by our team of expert engineering and drafting staff. We provide our engineering services throughout Australia and New Zealand.

What is a Certificate of Compliance?

A Certificate of Compliance relates to a design or inspection of an existing or proposed structural work. Registered Building Practitioners (RBP) including registered engineers or building surveyors may issue a CoC in their capacity as designer or reviewer of engineered design. A CoC provides that the work and design undertaken complies with provisions of the Building Act and the Buidling Regulations. You can be assured that the RBP will have the appropriate qualifications, knowledge and experience to undertake a design. You can search the RBP register to see if your RBP is really who they say they are, or ask to see photo ID of registration.

Why is it important to have accurate/reliable engineering for your project?

By obtaining accurate and reliable engineering services, you will be at ease knowing that your project will be able to be safely constructed, will meet appropriate building requirements, and will be stable, serviceable, and durable.

Throughout Victoria and Australia, new buildings and any other building works which involve major structural changes will require specific engineering plans which are prepared in accordance with relevant Australian Standards. Engineer certified plans are mandatory when the proposed works require a building permit under statute, as issued by a building surveyor.

It is the engineer’s responsibility to ensure that the structure you plan to construct complies with all relevant local, state and federal government legislation specifically the Building Code of Australia and all major structural and safety codes applicable.

What do Civil / Structural Engineers do?

Civil / Structural engineers are involved in the design, overview and management of infrastructure in the community. We ensure that structures are designed and built in accordance with specific building codes and Australian Standards. We engineer structures to ensure that they are sound, durable, and stable under certain expected or even unexpected load conditions. Civil engineers are involved in projects involving:

  • highways and road systems
  • structural developments
  • commercial buildings and residential homes
  • water and wastewater treatment facilities
  • geotechnical analysis and design of sub surface structures / foundations