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Structural Glass Engineering and Certification

With our swimming pool engineering capabilities and the requirement for design and innovation in the industry, Wirrawonga have developed significant expertise in the use of Glass and Acrylic in submersible applications. As a result, this has led to many hours of research and discovery into both conventional glass as well as new structural glass products.

Ongoing research and discovery, particularly into structural glass products has steered us toward understanding other uses for structural glazing, therefore we can provide engineering advice on other glazing applications including:

In addition to our glass engineering capabilities, Wirrawonga can also be engaged to undertake engineering of any structural or civil requests. We can provide efficient engineering services for any outdoor project you may decide to construct. These include such things as:

  • Swimming pools and pool enclosures
  • Retaining walls in sprayed concrete, blockwork and timber.
  • Suspended and on ground concrete slabs
  • In ground concrete water tanks
  • Site protection works
  • Residential structural engineering in timber, steel and concrete
  • Outdoor structures and hard landscaping works
  • Acrylic pool windows and fences
  • Inspection services by a  qualified engineer, including concrete x-ray and surveying inspections.

Before we begin your project, we can provide you with an estimate of cost for your engineering project. Please note that each certification is singular and site specific for each new job.

Engineering certification to specify and certify glass thickness ready for installation:

  • Standard panel dimensions (limited sizes) fixed into channel at base:
    • Up to 10 different panel sizes
  • Standard panel dimensions (limited sizes) fixed with anchors/spigots:
    • Up to 10 different panel  sizes
  • Any additional panels which are non-standard
  • Pool Glazing Panels
  • Floor Glazing Panels

We have 4 engineers and 6 draftspersons in our office, so prompt attention to any request is assured. We can offer a quick 72 hour turnaround if necessary, but our usual book in procedure is 5-10 working days.

All glass in buildings shall comply with the relevant Australian Standards, building regulations and any other local requirements. Please refer to appropriate Standards and Regulations for more detail.

It is strongly advised that all builders, architects, installers and building surveyors ensure that sufficient engineering has been provided to ensure glass has been designed in accordance with Australian Standards and Building Regulations. Marking of glass is mandatory to ensure compliance.